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The Seahawks Lacrosse Club, places tremendous value on the developmental experiences earned by the multi-sport athlete!  Your child; especially, those who are considered YOUTH athletes, should experience as many sports and activities as possible.  Studies show a direct correlation between the specialization or elite/pro-model training of youth athletes and increased injuries and burn-out.  Therefore, we are dedicated to promoting appropriate youth athlete development and inclusivity.

Here you will find resources regarding one of our Club's main points of emphasis: THE ATHLETIQ YOUTH DEVELOPMENT MODEL


LADM_Stages Poster_Large Format.pdf


"We need to realize that the youth sports model is being disrupted in the same sense that the newspaper industry, cable TV, books and (so many other sectors) have been. What we need to do is redefine the value proposition and show that (sports) is a much better experience (than digital entertainment) for kids because it provides so many benefits from the standpoint of health, social interaction, and leadership skills development." 

-Chris Marinak, Major League Baseball executive vice president 

"America's approach to the development of the youth athlete is broken. As a leader in amateur sports, the NCAA is committed to supporting and promoting solutions to healthy, sustainable, long-term athlete-development strategies in youth sports." 

-Oliver Luck, NCAA executive vice president, and Brian Hainline, NCAA chief medical officer

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