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Below is a list of gear your child/children will need to play lacrosse. Please note that there will be some loaner equipment available. Please contact Coach Carver if you are interested in loaner equipment and or if you need help in purchasing new equipment (941)228-6272,  

The Sarasota Seahawks gratefully accepts your used equipment as a tax deductible donation.  In turn, we are dedicated to providing newcomers with loaner equipment whenever possible.  Please contact Coach Jamie Carver to make donation arrangements. 


  1. girl's lacrosse stick (STX or Brine- quality/economical vendors)
  2. non-strapped mouth guard
  3. goggles (protective eyewear: STX or Cascade- quality/economical vendors)
  4. cleats
  5. gloves (optional)
  6. water bottle


  1. lacrosse stick
  2. helmet 
  3. strapped mouth guard
  4. athletic supporter/cup
  5. shoulder pads
  6. elbow/arm pads
  7. gloves
  8. cleats
  9. water bottle