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Over the years, the Seahawks Lacrosse Club has been fortunate to earn the respect and appreciation of players and parents alike.  Here is what our lacrosse community is saying about the Seahawks Lacrosse Club:  

Logan Mahlock (Seahawks Alum, former Seahawks Select Coach, Former MCLA Lacrosse Player, University of Central Florida): Logan was coached by Seahawks Coaches until he graduated from Sarasota HS in 2014.  He Coached Seahawks Select Tournament Travel teams for two Summers.  Logan graduated from UCF in 2018 with a BS in Athletic Training.  He played for the UCF Knights Lacrosse Team (MCLA) and is the 3rd all-time points scorer in school history.  "Playing with the Seahawks taught me two things: 1) It taught me what is means to be a teammate and a loyal friend, and that playing lacrosse is not just about playing the game...  It's about all the life's lessons we learn as a result of being a part of a competitive lacrosse team.  2) It taught me how to be a well-rounded lacrosse player; thus, seeing the game from many different angles.  Having played for the Seahawks, I was able to accomplish one of my long-time goals of playing College Lacrosse.  As a UCF Knight, I was able to implement the skill-set I learned with the Seahawks which helped me become a more complete player.  Having the opportunity to come home and coach for the Seahawks for a couple Summers has been a blessing."

Joe Feldman (Parent of current player, Seahawks Coach, Former NCAA DIII Lacrosse Player, Gettysburg College):  "I've enjoyed contributing to the growth of our sport and making a positive impact on the Seahawks players.  As the father of a player, and a coach, it has been gratifying and rewarding to teach the skills associated with lacrosse in the supportive environment cultivated by the Seahawks.  The growth of lacrosse in Southwest Florida is directly related to the pro-active efforts of the Seahawks organization and the support we have earned from the community.  Over time our County and County Representatives have recognized our unparalleled growth, and have served and will continue to serve as a catalyst for the future success of our children.  Furthermore, local support will further enhance the plethora of choices we enjoy in this community."    

Patrick Carotenuto (Seahawks Alum, former NCAA DI Lacrosse Player, Rutgers University):  "I was first exposed to lacrosse in Sarasota in Middle School.  I had the pleasure of being coached by Jamie (Coach Jamie Carver) and Clayton (Coach Clayton Wight) at a young age.  After my 1st season of lacrosse, I fell in love with the sport.  I knew I wanted to play the sport at the highest level, and consoled with Jamie on what would be the best steps for me to take.  As a result of Jamie's guidance, and having some ties to the North East, I applied to Jamie's alma mater, Calvert Hall College High School of Maryland and was accepted.  I attended Calvert Hall after finishing my freshmen year at Cardinal Mooney.  From there, I earned a scholarship to play NCAA DI Lacrosse in the Big 10 at Rutgers University.  It all started when I picked up that stick in Sarasota...  I would not be where I am today without Jamie and Clayton's guidance throughout my lacrosse career.  Lacrosse in Sarasota has grown 10-fold as a result of their dedication to the development of youth lacrosse, and I hope to see it continue."     

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